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Welcome to TheLifeCoachMD

I am SO glad you’re here.  


Are you a working mama who feels overwhelmed, anxious and wondering how the hell you got to this point? Juggling your career, your kids, your house, your marriage, let alone your sanity… and feeling like you just can’t do it all? 


I get it. I’ve been there. And I know the way out. 


Let me help you. 


I teach my clients how to create peace in their hearts and homes by teaching them how to think and believe on purpose. Together we’ll create the life you WANT from the life you have. 


Sound impossible? It’s not. I am living proof, and so are my clients.


Is my life coaching program for you? Here’s how to tell:


Give yourself one point for each of these Greatest Hit thoughts that are on YOUR personal playlist…



#1 My House is a Wreck 

#2 Am I the Only One Who Knows Where the Dishwasher Is? 

#3 How Can I Possibly Get All This Done? 

#4 I Hate This – And I'm Terrible for Thinking That

#5 There's Not Enough of Me

#6 I Just Need Five Minute Alone!

#7 There's Never Enough Time

#8 I'm SUCH a Bad Mother

#9 I Can't Do It All

#10 Why Is All of This MY Responsibility?




Two points for either (or both) of these Hot Bonus Tracks:

My Kids Are Never Going to Turn Out OK

I Just Wanna Run Away



the perennial favorite among married moms, and worth three points…


Oh My GOD, Can’t You Just SEE What Needs to Be Done?!


Sound familiar, mama?



Now tell me, what’s your score?


It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me. But if you have more than a few points, you need my help.


If you’re overwhelmed, fed up and feel like you can’t go on, I’ve got you. I am your soft place to land when your brain offers you thoughts of “I can’t do this” and “I’m overwhelmed. I can’t”.


I totally get you. 


Look no further.  My program is the answer.




I help my clients TOTALLY transform their lives. 


When we start you’ll be where you are now, feeling stretched thin, unappreciated, and overwhelmed.


But when we end?  That’s the amazing part!


You will know and believe to your core that you are capable, you are totally in control of your results, and you are going to GET. IT. DONE.


If this kind of peaceful, calm confidence sounds impossible… it’s not.


It’s totally available to you.


I’ve helped dozens of working mamas get JUST this result for themselves.


And I can help you too. 


Are you ready to create peace in your heart and home by learning how to think and believe on purpose?


Then come on. Let’s go. 


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"Make your faith bigger than your fear."  
                    Pradeep Teotia