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"When I started working with Lenore, I was in a deep, dark pit. My wheels were always spinning with anxiety and I felt lonely and sad.


After working with her, I feel SO much better, it's like night and day! I feel like I found myself and I'm being me - I used to feel like I had to wear different hats for different people, but I'm wearing the same hat all the time now. 


Lenore is a bad-ass teacher and is not judgmental at all!  She taught me how to self-coach to get my head right. And I was surprised that I could really change the thoughts that I had been thinking for so long. I really have changed my thoughts!  I'm so much happier!

Client C.T.

“Six months of life coaching helped me more than ten years of therapy ever did."

Heather F.

“I had no idea I could live without anxiety. I wish I had done this a long time ago!”

Lisa L.

"I can't believe how fast this works. I have been to therapy literally for years and years - nothing helped me change my life as much as Lenore's coaching did.

I feel like I can manage things now, like I have some control over my experience, because it turns out that I do!

I thought it was all just happening to and around me. Now I know that's not true."


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